The Importance Of Proper Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming the carpet is one of the easiest and best ways of getting rid of dirt and impurities from your carpet. Using a vacuum cleaner is easy, so anyone can do it at any time. However, regular vacuuming is not enough to keep your carpets clean. After all, most carpets have thick fibers made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene, or wool, which often trap dirt deep in the fibers and backing of the carpet. This means that it takes more than just a vacuum machine to keep your carpet clean.

Please note that while carpet cleaning is highly important, you can get sick if you fail to clean the carpet properly.

So why try to clean carpets if you risk getting sick if you do not do it, right? Does hiring a carpet cleaner make sense? These are just some of the questions we’ll seek to answer. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Vacuuming Isn’t Enough

One misconception that many people often have is that vacuuming the carpet is enough to keep it clean. However, this is not true.

There is no doubt that vacuum cleaning can remove crumbs, dust, hair, and other types of impurities from the carpet, but it cannot extract all the dirt from your carpet. Besides, vacuuming does not remove stains and odors from the carpet. With professional carpet cleaning, steam machines are normally used to remove dirt lodged deep in the fibers and backing of your carpet. Even the most stubborn stains and minute particles do not stand a chance against steam machines.

To get the best results, you should continue vacuuming your carpet at least once every week and hire a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpet a least once yearly. This is the surest way of ensuring your carpet is completely clean at all times.

2. All Carpet Cleaning Methods are Not the Same

Many people often think that all carpet cleaning methods are the same, but this is simply not true. Some are more effective than others.

Many carpet cleaners are fond of the dry-form cleaning method, which entails applying shampoo to your carpet, rinsing it, and leaving it to dry afterward. This is not the best way to clean your carpet.
The dry-chem method is still a popular carpet cleaning method, but it is also not effective. It entails using a large cotton bonnet that spins from side to side, extracting and absorbing dirt in the process.
Lastly, there is the dry compound method, where an absorbent mixture is spread over the carpet. This method also entails using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dry residue. Unfortunately, this method is not any better than the two methods mentioned above.
Instead of cleaning your carpet properly, these three methods will only leave dirty residue on your carpet.

The one and only effective carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. While it may be an effective method, it is pretty simple. Basically, a liquid cleaning solution and hot water are applied to the carpet, and a wet-vac used to lift the fibers on the carpet and extract both water and dirt. The extracted liquid mixture of water, cleaning solution, and dirt are kept in a wastewater reservoir in the wet-vac.

The main benefit of steam cleaning is the fact that it can reach the deepest parts of the carpet and remove all stains, hair, dirt, dust, and bacteria.

In addition to removing all the dirt and stains from your carpet, steam-cleaning will also remove any extra cleaning solution that might be left behind. Furthermore, the carpet can dry pretty fast, so you can use it soon after cleaning has been done.

3. All Carpet-Cleaning Companies are Not the Same

A company that uses dry-cleaning methods cannot be as efficient as a steam cleaning company. If you have ever hired both a steam-cleaning company and carpet cleaners that use dry-cleaning methods, you probably already know the difference. Before choosing a carpet cleaning company, therefore, it is recommended you check the carpet-cleaning method used by the firm.

4. Regular Cleaning Can Save You Money

Many people usually put off cleaning their carpet to save money. However, the truth is that regular cleaning may force you to spend more on carpet cleaning, but this is peanuts compared to the cost of replacing your carpet after just a short period. After all, a lack of maintenance will reduce the lifespan of your carpet. This means that you will have to buy a new carpet to replace the worn-out, poorly-maintained carpet.

By cleaning your carpet regularly, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Instead of trying to make small savings now, have a long-term outlook.

5. Carpets Should Be Cleaned Even Before Dirt and Stains are Noticeable

The human eye has its limits. Your carpet may be full of dust, mold, and bacteria, but you may not notice it. After all, bacteria, mold, and viruses are microscopic, so you cannot see them with the naked eye. That is why you should not wait until your carpet gets dirty to have it cleaned.

Ideally, you should vacuum the carpet on a weekly basis and have it steam-cleaned once or twice a year by professional carpet cleaners.

6. Avoid DIY Carpet Cleaning

While many carpet cleaners usually charge exorbitant rates, you should avoid taking a DIY-approach to carpet cleaning.

Ideally, you should spend some time looking for the most competent carpet cleaners with the lowest rates to ensure your carpet is properly cleaned cost-effectively.

7. Look for Value for Money

Hiring the cheapest carpet cleaner is ill-advised. What you are looking for is value for money. Therefore, you should search for the best carpet cleaners, compare their rates, and pick the right carpet cleaner for your needs.

8. Go for Quality

There is a common misconception that firms that charge the highest rates are the best. The truth, however, is that there are many competent carpet cleaners with competitive carpet cleaning rates, so be sure to shop around.

9. Choose Firms that Have References

The best carpet cleaners usually provide references. This is because they have a proven track record. They also have a long list of satisfied clients.

10. Not all Firms Can Offer Quotes Online

It is important to note that every carpet is different. That is why it is unreasonable to expect carpet cleaners to offer an accurate quote online or over the phone. For a more detailed quote, the carpet cleaner will have to look at the size of the carpet, type of material, length of fibers, types of stains, and other factors. It is only then that you can expect an accurate quote.

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Why You Need Expert Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning does not always mean simply vacuuming the carpet, but it can actually mean using a chemical solution to clean the carpet of its stains.

Cleaning a carpet with a chemical solution can be much more difficult than it looks when a professional does it. There are a lot of carpet cleaning products available on the market, including various tools and solutions, so a lot of people suggest you can do it yourself instead of using a professional. We have listed some very good reasons why you should hire professionals from HomePro carpet cleaners.

1. You Will Save Time

Many people decide they would rather hire someone from HomePro to clean their carpet instead of doing it themselves because of the tremendous amount of time they will save. People are already very busy, and it takes a lot of work and time to clean a home that is of considerable size, so hiring someone to clean carpets is a realistic option for most.

2. It Is A Lot Easier

Having someone else clean your carpet is so much easier than doing it yourself. Professionals are experts who know how to clean your carpet properly. We are certified, and we have had a lot of training in cleaning carpets correctly. If you try to clean your own carpet, you will have to move all the furniture around, rent a carpet cleaning machine, do the actual cleaning work, and then restore all the furniture and take the cleaning machine back to the store. These machines can be heavy and awkward. You will end up doing all this work, and you will not come close to getting the final result that a professional from HomePro can achieve.

3. Health Considerations

In any profession, an expert will always perform much better than an amateur. A professional carpet cleaner will always clean your carpet better than an amateur cleaner with a rented machine. One important reason to hire a professional to clean your carpet is that you will get health benefits from having your carpet cleaned more thoroughly. When you hire someone, we can get deep into places that you probably will not be able to reach. When you vacuum the carpet, you only take out the dirt that is near the top, even if your vacuum is very powerful. There will still be a lot of dirt left behind that you can’t reach in the lower levels of the carpet fibers and the carpet deeper dirt. This is the area where fungus, dust mites, mold, and other health hazards can accumulate. HomePro eliminates these problems, and your carpet will be clean and fresh.

4. Smells And Odors

Carpets often give off an odor. All sorts of things can land on carpets and settle in there as the carpets can be located all over your home. Because of foot traffic on the carpet, all kinds of dirt, dust, spills, and crumbs get ground down deep into the pile. We have expert knowledge of carpet cleaning, so we know how to get rid of bad smells that come out of a dirty rug. The odor problem gets worse when you have food spills and pet stains, so your regular cleaning procedures will not remove the smells. You can scrub all day with regular cleaning products, and you will not solve the problem of bad odors. Most products available in stores mask the odor for a short time, but carpet cleaning professionals know how to eliminate odors completely with our cleaning products and technology.

5. Your Carpet Will Last Longer

With routine maintenance and cleaning, you can extend the life of your carpet for many years. Your carpet is an important asset and investment in your home, as much as the wall paint, if not more so, as it must absorb constant traffic.

Heavens Carpet Cleaning

For seven years, Heaven Scent Carpet Cleaning has been dedicated to artfully cleaning carpeting and upholstery in Charlotte and up to 30/40 miles in all directions outward.

Owner and Operator, Chuck Stepanek, is personable, reliable and always available to his customers even on evenings and weekends. Many of Chuck’s regular customers have been with him since year one. In fact, he still has his very first customer. The friendships he’s built with his customers are what set him apart from the carpet cleaner next door.

And the cleaning process is simple. We’ll pre-treat the area and then only use fresh water during the actual cleaning process. The last step is to dry vacuum the excess water out of the carpet so it won’t be left as wet as it would have been otherwise. Afterward, the area is immediately safe for pets, babies and people with respiratory issues.

We’ve been the source for carpet and upholstery cleaning for over seven years. We welcome a chance to cater to your particular needs.

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